Linda Kern

Linda Kern is a sales growth expert and founded The Kern Group in 2004. She specializes in helping companies to increase their sales by first identifying the right activities to ensure growth and then working with the sales professionals and their leaders to show them how to find and close new sources of revenue.

Her expertise in sales lies in all aspects of the sales process from finding new companies to call on, gaining those meetings, conducting high impact sales calls, and presenting the proposal, negotiating and closing the business.

Linda has worked in both Canada and the U.S. with RR Donnelley, KKP (Kwik Kopy Printing), Keyser Mason Ball, Economical Insurance, BMO, Atlantic Caterpillar, ABB, Bosch, and Bullfrog Power, to name a few. Linda guarantees that her clients increase their sales to achieve astounding results. In some cases, her clients have realized greater than a 10 times return on their investment – and that’s measured in profit from new sales.

Linda has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from U.B.C. and is an adjunct professor in the Faculty of Business at Sheridan College, specializing in sales and entrepreneurship.

Angie Anderson

Angie Anderson looks beyond immediate client needs to anticipate long-term business objectives. An equal mix of visionary, motivator and competitive athlete.

Angie’s entrepreneurial inclinations were quickly revealed in her early years and then studying commerce at Trent University. She balanced her academic pursuits with owning a small business. Her role as a small business owner led Angie to a position at The Mississauga Business Enterprise Centre, where she sparked the entrepreneurial spirit of others. In a consultant capacity, Angie mentored entrepreneurs by reviewing strategies, offering counsel and challenging them to take their plans to the next level.

Following that experience Angie joined a marketing agency focusing on the electrical distribution, logistics and transportation sectors at Hyperactive Communications. When she joined Starshot Ventures, she focused on developing a team in Chicago, Tampa, Atlanta, Seattle and Toronto to help support technology brands like Microsoft, Dell, HP and Intuit.

Angie now splits her time between two passions: training, coaching, and mentoring sales people and leaders to achieve success, along with working to help B2B companies find demand generation solutions that fill the sales funnel and, incorporate sales strategies to move those prospects along to close.

When not reviewing data and translating it into smart client strategies, Angie is on the ice as a competitive curler or on the golf course.