3 Simple Strategies to Grow Your Sales

  1. Make the time

Time for prospecting is the biggest challenge that sales reps say they face…but is it a reality? Sales people admit that after taking care of existing customers, having meetings, completing proposals, and everything else that takes up time, that they have no time left for weekly prospecting. If you don’t prospect for new business on a consistent basis, you won’t hit your sales goal.

You need to carve out 30-60 minutes each day for this important activity. But how? Take out your calendar right now and book that time for touchpoints (calls, emails, LinkedIn requests, etc.) first thing in the morning. Why the morning? Well at the beginning of your day you have more control over your time, and you are less likely to have other so-called important things get in the way – leading to procrastination. Time blocking works, my clients tell me over and over. Set a target of talking to 20 new prospects and referral sources each week, then tell a colleague or your manager that this is your activity target and stay accountable to it. Imagine talking to 980 new people in a year!

This one step alone will help you realize an immediate increase in your sales.

  1. Re-work your messaging

Take a look at the last email message you sent out to a prospect. What does it say? Are you “begging” for a meeting or have you crafted the message in a way that is interesting and compelling to the prospect so that he/she is enticed to respond? When you are talking to a prospect (email, voicemail, at an event, on LinkedIn, etc.) never ever “wing it” or else you will come across as unprofessional and unprepared.

Research what is commonly called “trigger events” to find out what is going on in your prospect’s business or industry. Send a message that directly addresses this challenge or opportunity and how you can help them with your solution. If you do your homework you will be rewarded with more responses and meetings.

  1. Set a follow up schedule

And while you’re at it, set a schedule for following up your touchpoints (defined as attempts to get a meeting). It takes a long time – up to 12 or even 18 touchpoints – to get the attention of a prospect because they are busy or have other priorities in any given week. And not only that, be sure to follow up on prospect requests for information. Seems like a no-brainer, but sales people who are unorganized or not hungry enough can let this important task slip.

Once you get that all-important first meeting with a prospect, send the meeting invitation with the agenda in it so that you come across as prepared and you will stand out as a sales rep who is different and better!

Implement these 3 simple suggestions and watch your sales soar! Let us know how it goes, we’re here to support you in any way you need. Linda@TheKernGroupInc.com or 416-520-4897.


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