I’m Part of Your Team Since I am in a business that requires a careful implementation and ongoing service, it is critically important that my clients view me as a trusted source of valuable information.   Unlike my last blog, Cold Calling is Dead uploaded onto […]
I try to be a nice person. I really do. But there’s one thing that happens too often in my work life that tempts me to throw my phone at the wall. Or at least shake my fist at the sky. This is how it sounds […]
What do salespeople need to do in today’s tough business environment to catch the attention of decision makers? We recently uncovered some compelling data in a series of conversations we had with decision makers representing several industries, including: insurance services, publishing, hospitality, communications, manufacturing, hardware supplies, […]
A lot of the work I do with my clients is to help them identify and confirm their sales process before we begin to figure out what specific training, coaching, and accountability they need for the coming months. By sales process I am referring to how […]
I began my sales career in 1986 and have been a salesperson or worked with sales people most of the years since that time. As I developed my sales-process expertise (both in sales and as a trainer and coach) I have been witness to success (and […]
If you’re not hitting your year-to-date sales goals then you need this free sales tool! It’s not that difficult really – you just need a solid plan and then someone to hold you accountable to that plan so you actually get it done. Your “accountability partner” should […]
Many sales people I know lose their best opportunity to close a sale every single time they submit a proposal or quote. Never, never, never email a quote or proposal to a prospect. Always take it in personally, explain each section of the document to your […]
Sales growth is now, more than ever, a profession of disciplined and focused follow up. If you want to increase your sales by developing new business (and I wanna meet the person who doesn’t!) then you need to master the skillful art of following up with your […]
A business associate of mine wrote this very compelling LinkedIn job description outlining his achievements (company names have been changed): I have been privileged many times in my career, but none could match the responsibility bestowed upon me in leading the resurrection of ABC Company brand […]
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