A Sales Playbook Written In Ink - The Kern Group Ontario Sales Coaches
Sales can sometimes feel like a game of strategy, where the right moves and tactics can lead to victory. Just like in any game, having a well-defined playbook can be the key to success. A sales playbook serves as a guide for your team, outlining the […]
Two Sales Professionals Shaking Hands - The Kern Group Sales Mentorship and Coaching Ontario
Finding and attracting top-performing sales professionals is crucial for the success of any business. These individuals possess the skills, drive, and charisma needed to close deals and drive revenue growth. However, hiring and onboarding the right salespeople can be a challenging task. Don’t fret! We’re here […]
Clocks In the Form Of A Human Head Indicating Time Management For Sales Professionals - The Kern Group Sales Mentorship and Coaching Ontario
Time management is a crucial skill for sales professionals. In the fast-paced world of sales, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the constant demands on your time. From client meetings to prospecting calls, there never seems to be enough hours in the day. But fear not! […]
The Power of the Pipeline - Sales Training Toronto Mississauga Ontario
A robust sales pipeline filled with qualified opportunities is one of the most important indicators of sales success. In my many years of working with sales teams, one of the most revealing weaknesses I’ve encountered when it comes to sales goal achievement is a lack of […]
leading successful sales one on one meetings sales training toronto
As a leader, your time is already stretched. You’re being pulled in several directions at once, overseeing multiple projects, implementing new initiatives, and ensuring your team is on track to hit their targets. With so much going on at once, who has the time for one-on-one […]
Make the time Time for prospecting is the biggest challenge that sales reps say they face…but is it a reality? Sales people admit that after taking care of existing customers, having meetings, completing proposals, and everything else that takes up time, that they have no time […]
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