Coaching & Mentorship for Sales Leaders

Develop the skills, techniques, and tools you need to transform your sales team

Successful organizations understand that effective sales leadership is about more than putting up strong numbers. The best sales leaders demonstrate vision, direction, and the expectations of their sales teams while mentoring them toward success.

Linda Kern of The Kern Group offers her clients over 15 years of successful sales leadership coaching that focuses on helping leaders hit sales targets, and create a progressive work environment that breeds more successful sales leaders from within their own teams.

By investing the time to get to thoroughly know your business, Linda will develop a completely customized strategy that leverages your company’s unique strengths, identifies areas of development, and nurtures a culture for ongoing learning and growth.

A Fully Collaborative Approach

Linda works side-by-side with your sales leader to assess where your sales strategy needs improving, review how these issues developed, and collaborate on a plan to mitigate them in the future. Linda will be with you every step of the way to answer all of your questions, present scenarios that solve problems, and collaborate on strategies that will overcome any sales challenge.

Comprehensive, Goal-Focused Sales Strategies

We take a deep dive into your entire sales picture, including your current sales position vs. goals, the value of the current deals in your pipeline, and how your sales team is currently nurturing leads. With this knowledge, we’ll help you build a step-by-step strategy that moves leads through the pipeline faster and with more efficiency.

Build a Stronger, More Productive Team

Become an effective, decisive leader with a strong foundation on which to hire, onboard, train, and groom sales managers for organizational success over the long term.

Start Closing More Deals Now

Linda will help you develop effective new tactics you can use right now to start closing current pipeline opportunities quickly. Ensure additional sales, referrals, and recommendations in the future by building strong client relationships and more confident, productive sales teams focused on organizational success, all under your leadership and guidance.

Transform your sales and skyrocket revenue with our Sales Coach and Fractional VP Sales services. Contact us today to level up your sales game!