Don’t Squander Your Greatest Opportunity

Many sales people I know lose their best opportunity to close a sale every single time they submit a proposal or quote. Never, never, never email a quote or proposal to a prospect. Always take it in personally, explain each section of the document to your prospect in detail, and then ask for some feedback:compass success

“What do you think?”
“Does this meet your needs?”
“Was this what you were thinking?”
“What do you think are the next logical steps?”
“Shall we go ahead and begin the work?”
“How about we schedule a test run for Thursday?”

If you don’t give yourself this opportunity the prospect might sit on your proposal, ponder it for a few days or weeks, or worse, give it to a competitor! In fact, do yourself a favour and stop calling your solution by the name quote; call it a proposal instead, because when you refer to the document as a quote it automatically conjures up the word “price.” And your proposal includes much more than a price. It should include these elements (which will vary depending on your products and services):

      1. Current Situation
      2. Goals ABC Company Would Like to Achieve (Engagement Goals)
      3. Components for Success – The Process
      4. Investment Options (there should be 3 to choose from)
      5. Payment Schedule/Terms

Why are there 3 options in your pricing section? I’ve learned this the hard way: when I used to give one pricing option I would spend then rest of the meeting negotiating the price. When I started to offer 3 pricing options, the discussion revolved around which option to go with rather than one about price. If the customer wanted a lower price I would go to a lower option or remove some features such as payment, delivery or some element of the service.

So next time look for a way to increase your touchpoints with your prospect and schedule a meeting to take your proposals in and explain each section of the hard work you put in to it!

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