Fractional VP of Sales

A part-time chief sales officer who focuses on creating sales leaders

Is your company facing stagnant or declining sales, and you’re not sure how to turn things round? Do you have a team of professionals who have expert-level knowledge of your products and industry, but could use some mentorship and training when it comes to selling?
Meet Linda Kern, your new fractional VP of Sales.
With a steady hand, proven experience, and years of sales training expertise, Linda can help develop an effective, results-driven sales strategy that will help you reach your sales goals.
As your outsourced sales executive, Linda will invest the time needed to get to know your entire business from the top down, thoroughly examine your current sales pipeline and mentor your team to become successful leaders who are driven to achieve sales excellence.

Detailed Metrics Analysis

A comprehensive look at your sales YTD to determine where you are in relation to your sales goals, along with other key metrics such as management of your sales processes to determine the best strategy to achieve success

Close More Deals

Linda takes a close look at your current active and prospective opportunities, and works with you to devise a plan to push them through the pipeline faster while developing long-term relationships that help ensure future deals

Priority Management

We take a close look at all of your sales activities and put together a step-by-step strategy that puts the right things in the right order, all the way from initial contact and lead nurturing right through closing the deal

Improved Communications

Take your team’s current sales approach to the next level with Linda’s proven strategies of learning the languages of your suppliers, dealers, and customers, creating more efficient communications that nurture sales growth

FREE Introductory Session

Call today for a free introductory session that will allow you to see the expert knowledge, seasoned guidance, and engaging approach that only Linda Kern can bring to your organization

Solve your biggest sales challenges with Linda Kern, Fractional VP of Sales

If you have sales problems, we have your solution finder! Get Linda on board your sales team to start reaching your sales goals.

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