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The Kern Group President Linda Kern has made several appearances on a BizRadio Canada radio show hosted by David Wojcik to share her expertise in sales growth and training. With David Wojcik, a seasoned sales professional himself, Linda discusses various aspects of sales, from the nature versus nurture debate of whether salespeople are born or made, to the fundamentals of sales training, and how to identify the ideal client for a company. Linda’s repeated appearances on the show reflect her deep knowledge of sales and her ability to communicate it effectively to both sales professionals and leaders looking to grow their businesses.

In this interview, The Kern Group President Linda Kern shares her insights on how to engage prospects during the sales process via Zoom. Hosted by David Wojcik, the conversation touches upon how to create a structured sales call and how to use an agenda to keep prospects engaged. Additionally, Linda provides tips on how to take notes during the meeting and how to manage the length of the meeting to avoid Zoom fatigue.

In this interview, David Wojcik, CEO of Sauga 360, talks with our President Linda Kern about how sales teams can manage customer journeys effectively. Kern emphasizes the importance of examining the customer journey from the customer’s perspective and suggests that now is an ideal time for sales teams to do a comprehensive audit of their processes. The two also discuss how technology has impacted sales teams during the pandemic and how sales teams can avoid some of the downsides of virtual meetings.

In an interview with David Wojcik of Sauga 360, Linda Kern, President of The Kern Group, talks about the importance of having a sales plan in achieving business success. Kern emphasizes the need to start with the big issues such as vision, mission values, and analyzing the past 12 months to identify the source of business and potential sales opportunities. She also highlights the tendency of salespeople to become complacent and emphasizes the importance of having proper systems and processes in place to hold them accountable. Finally, Kern discusses the significance of having a daily plan to ensure success in sales.

In this interview, Sauga 360’s David Wojcik talks to our President Linda Kern. With the end of the year approaching, business owners will focus on year-end planning and hitting the goals they set before December 31st. Linda provides some tips on how to transition back to work mode after summer, check on year-to-date sales, and create a corresponding activity to fill the gap before the end of the year. She also emphasizes the importance of collecting prospects during the summer and doing the math to determine the level of activity needed to fill the gap.

Sales Team Leadership Through Crisis

In this interview, David Wojcik and Linda Kern discuss how to keep sales teams motivated during a crisis when they’re struggling to secure orders. Kern stresses the importance of regular communication and motivating the team by asking for their input and ideas on how to continue to add opportunities to the pipeline. They also discuss the importance of maintaining a routine and finding ways to reset the mind, such as by meditating or going for a walk.

Sales 101! Parts 1 & 2

In this two part interview, host David Wojcik talks to Linda Kern discuss the common myths about salespeople and what to look for when hiring one. Linda explains that while there may be some natural talent involved, salespeople can be taught and coached. She also emphasizes the importance of attitude and aptitude when hiring salespeople, as well as the need for a positive mindset and self-starting attitude. They also discuss the administrative side of sales and how to determine if a potential hire understands its importance.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Networking 101!

In this interview with David Wojcik, host of Sauga 360, Linda Kern, principal of Kern Associates, shares her insights on networking and building relationships. As a seasoned networker, Linda offers advice on how to set goals and engage in meaningful conversations at networking events, rather than using the “spray and pray” method of distributing business cards. She also emphasizes the importance of establishing an emotional connection with people by finding common ground, asking questions, and being genuinely interested in them. David and Linda discuss how personal bonds and authentic interactions are critical to successful networking, and Linda offers tips on how to network effectively.

Kickstarting Your Sales Process!

In this interview, David Wojcik, host of Sauga 360, speaks with Linda Kern, owner of The Kern Group Inc., about the importance of professional sales training. David notes that many salespeople complain about their territory, competition, and lack of leads, when the root of the problem may be their lack of professional training. Linda, a sales growth expert, believes that being a great salesperson is a combination of natural drive and learned skills. In the interview, Linda shares her expertise on sales training and what it takes to be successful in sales. They also discuss the fundamentals of sales and the importance of understanding a company’s ideal client.

Getting Your Prospects Attention

In this interview, Linda will be sharing her insights on how to get your prospects’ attention. As many businesses struggle with capturing the attention of potential customers in today’s crowded and competitive marketplace, Linda’s expertise on this topic is sure to be valuable for anyone looking to improve their marketing efforts. Tune in as Linda shares her tips and strategies for getting your prospects’ attention and standing out in a crowded marketplace. 

Measuring Sales Success

In this interview, Linda will be sharing her insights on measuring sales success. As every business strives to increase its revenue and grow its customer base, understanding how to measure sales success is critical. In this interview, Linda will share her experience and expertise on the key performance indicators (KPIs) that businesses should track to measure their sales success, and how to use those KPIs to inform future sales strategies.

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