6 Sales Growth Techniques You Must Implement Now for a Successful 2014


As you reflect back on 2013, are you happy with your sales performance? Do you wish you had done better?

Have you put a plan in place to achieve your sales goals in 2014?

Now is the time to commit to a plan that, when combined with the right behaviours, will create the wins you want.

Here is a list of the 6 techniques every sales person should be implementing—now—in order to make 2014 their most successful year yet:

  1. Set your 2014 sales targets
    Set an annual target as well as quarterly targets and then break the first quarter into smaller monthly goals. Be sure to take seasonality into consideration.
  2.  Update and recommit to your funnel
    An up-to-date funnel tool is your best indicator of future success. It tells you, at a quick glance, all of the opportunities you are working on, where they are in the sales cycle, and which ones are closest to closing. Take action on this information by following-up on those opportunities.
  3. Define/redefine your new business target accounts
    Who is your “sweet spot” client? What is the profile of the decision maker in those accounts? Know who you want to target.
  4.  Develop your sales strategy
    How will you reach existing clients for additional business as well as those prospects that fit your ideal target market? Referral selling should be one of your top strategies and LinkedIn should be your go-to resource for finding and contacting them. Be sure to make a list of all of your connections. I export my LinkedIn connections into Excel and then sort the list by: a) those that will be easiest to contact and b) farther-reaching connections.
  5. Block Time in your Calendar for Prospecting and Face-to-Face Sales Activities
    Blocking your calendar for these activities will keep you committed to taking the time to do it. It’s important. Don’t skip this step.
  6. Build in Accountability
    Decide who you would like to keep you on task; hold your feet to the fire. Who can you meet with on a regular basis to talk about what’s going well and what you are struggling with?

These techniques will help you keep your objectives top of mind and allow you to hit the ground running—ahead of your competitors—in 2014!