You want sales growth. You’ve decided to achieve it with sales team coaching.

We return your faith by guaranteeing results. We guarantee you’ll achieve the target you set over the period we work together. That’s usually about 6 months, by the way

Better focus, better skills

We focus your team on the tasks that pay off for your business, in your industry, with your prospects and buyers. Then we coach your team to do those tasks better. Every step of the way.

Six months (or so) with The Kern Group, Inc. – what we’ll do

Identify two processes:

  1. How your customers buy, and
  2. How you go about selling.

We then diagnose your team’s strengths and weakness, design a customized program, define success, coaching and mentor you The Kern Group way!

Coaching The Kern Group way (aka doing the quantity-quality two-step)

First, we increase the quantity of the activities your team needs to focus on. Next is quality – we coach your team through every sales step. You’ll see the confidence it brings.

Step One: Which activities will pay off for your company, this year? We decide, as a group, how much of those activities your team needs to do each week. Then we commit, as a group, to increase the quantity of productive activity.

Step Two: We work on quality, doing those activities better. Your team gains both skills and confidence; they gain baked-in behaviours that bring in results, from first call to close. We do exercises, learning, and role play on:

  • Researching new prospects
  • How to get appointments in today’s pressure-cooker world
  • How to conduct a high impact sales call.

How do you know it will work? We stay with you until you achieve the sales growth you’re looking for – that’s usually about 6 months. And … we guarantee you’ll achieve the sales targets you set out when we first start  working together.

Services Provided

Learn more about the services we provide below.

Meet Linda Kern, your new fractional VP of Sales, ready to solve your biggest sales challenges and help you reach your business goals.

Create a progressive work environment that breeds more successful sales leaders from within their own teams.

Discuss, brainstorm, and solve your most unique and complex business struggles as a member of our sales leaders council.

Guaranteed sales results with a proven system that will transform lagging numbers into wins for your sales team.

Transform your sales and skyrocket revenue with our Sales Coach and Fractional VP Sales services. Contact us today to level up your sales game!