“Linda is certainly my preference as a sales trainer – a coach who not only teaches the right skills but who also applies these skills in her own sales activities. Linda practices what she coaches and teaches. Linda was chosen to lead two of our sales teams over the past two years to both teach and show them new methods to gain appointments in new areas of existing customers and net new customers. We established new revenue targets for each sales professional over a six month period on both existing and new customers. We achieved these targets, and then some, and easily surpassed our ROI for the programs. Without Linda’s program we would not have secured the new revenue that was realized. Linda’s approach and style is easy-going and respectful, yet results-oriented, taking into consideration the individual skills and experience of the diverse sales team. Linda adapted to their individual needs ensuring development and success. For any sales organization looking to grow revenue in existing and net new customers, I would recommend Linda. She has the ability and desire to develop and sharpen the skills of your sales team to achieve the growth targets you need.”

Drew Sullivan, President – RR Donnelley

“I have worked with Linda Kern for 2 years now and she is hands-down the best, most skilled sales trainer and coach I know. She is extremely knowledgeable about the sales process; she holds my sales team accountable for the results they’ve committed to, and patiently coaches them to help them succeed. She is very responsive to our emails and phone calls when we are seeking extra help… she makes us feel like we are her only client. She’s also fun and creative in her approach with my team—never condescending, which is much appreciated and speaks to Linda’s integrity—and her ability to keep teams motivated and productive. We had a great sales year in 2013 and look forward to even better results with Linda’s guidance and leadership in 2014.”

Holly Bond, Director of Sales – Bullfrog Power

“Linda Kern truly cares about the success of her clients and their businesses. This was immediately clear to me after I hired her to help accelerate the growth of my business. Year to date through August my sales are up more than 80%! Need I say more?”

Jim Young, Business Owner, Proforma Multi-Media Marketing

“I have known Linda for over 20 years as her manager, colleague, and client. Her greatest strengths are her laser focus on her customers’ unique sales growth needs and her ability to build solutions around them.”

Phil Newton, Senior Sales Effectiveness Consultant

“Linda began her work with National Leasing in 2009 and since that time has focused her energy on getting results for our sales team. She is an experienced sales person who uses her knowledge by giving relevant examples to demonstrate how to use the skills and concepts she teaches. She is a dedicated professional who uses a flexible approach to adapt to different people on the team. Linda is easy-going and engaging so that everyone she works with feels heard and respected. We have seen great results from Linda’s work with our team.”

Michael Dale, Vice President Sales – National Leasing

“With Linda’s help I have been more successful in reaching C-Level decision-makers and engaging them in meaningful business conversations. As a result, I am on the verge of signing multi-million dollar contracts with some of the most successful companies in Canada.”
“By using your strategies I gained 6 meetings with new prospects that I never would have gotten.”
“I just confirmed another $16,600 in new business… the strategies and methodologies are working.”
“I like your suggestions on how to overcome objections such as, ‘we already have a supplier.’ That was great!”
“I concentrated on doing what you said to do…and successfully booked an appointment with the [prospect]. On top of that, I booked 2 more appointments as well…the only thing I can attribute it to is what we reviewed this week.”

Sales Professionals – RR Donnelley

“Thank you for such an enlightening training seminar – I have already initiated one of your suggestions. I’ve also set very aggressive goals for top line improvement and I’m very determined. I look forward to your expertise and mentorship over the coming months.”

Phillip Rafuse, KKP Canada

Linda’s guidance literally changed our business from a sales perspective.   Prior to engaging Linda, our sales were stagnant.  We learned how to better articulate our value and to close more business as a result of her sales training.  We now have a backlog of work to execute on as a result of increased sales!  The Kern Group has been a godsend for us!”

Charles Bennett, Triella

“The Kern Group has provided us with solutions to add structure and a better understanding of our goals along with a realistic approach to meeting them.  Linda is extremely knowledgeable and at all times a supreme professional.  Linda listened first and then developed a solution-based plan that has enabled us to bring our closing rate from 12% to 20%.  I would definitely recommend The Kern Group.”

Eric Eisen, Director, Sales and Marketing SoCast

“I frequently use a lot of the things I learned from you in our presentation skills course. Still one of my most favourite and valuable learning experiences!”

Karen Gilbert, Regional Business Development Manager – Atlantic Maxxam Analytics

“The sales program Linda Kern created and facilitated for KKP Canada was instrumental in increasing our sales 26% year over year. Linda’s program provided the skills and accountability which enabled our team to focus on the tasks we required, leading to real, measurable results.”

Lisa Simson, KKP Owner