Transformative Sales Training

Create a team of sales leaders with a sustainable sales growth system that guarantees results.

What are your most burning sales challenges? Bring them to The Kern Group and start seeing guaranteed sales results with our Transformative Sales Training program.

Facilitated by Linda Kern, our sales coaching is designed around how your customers buy, and how your team goes about selling. Together, we diagnose your team’s strengths and weakness, define success, and work together to increase the quantity and quality of productive activities.

The Kern Group guarantees that with our customized training program, you’ll hit the sales targets you set during our time working together. No matter what sales challenges you have, The Kern Group can help.

Sharper Focus, Better Skills

Our system focuses on tasks that increase sales for your business, in your industry, with your prospects and buyers, and help your sales team perform those same tasks with increased success

Get Instant Takeaways

Your sales team will be motivated to shift their sales tactics immediately with quick, customized takeaways from Linda, based on her detailed analysis of your sales funnel’s key metrics

Proven Course Materials

Get success on your side with Linda’s prescribed course material modules, guaranteed to not only increase sales, but also create a sustainable sales culture that bring long-lasting results

Personalized Coaching

Weekly coaching sessions keep your sales team focused on developing fresh strategies that will help them reach their sales goals, delivered with Linda’s engaging wit, charm, and innovative approach

Fun, Engaging Workshops

Training sessions your team will look forward to, featuring discovery exercise sand role-playing activities that focus on researching new prospects, conducting high impact sales calls, and booking meetings in today’s busy world

Accountability Sessions

Linda’s implementation system helps keep you on track with your sales activities, and provides regular support sessions if you need to change habits, sharpen your skills, or fine tune your metrics to keep you moving forward

Follow-up Sessions

After we conduct a follow-up workshop to measure your success, Linda will hold monthly fine-tuning sessions to help your team maintain productive habits that lead to long-term positive results

Guaranteed Results

We return your faith in our sales training system by guaranteeing that you’ll hit your pre-determined sales targets during the time we work together -usually around 6 months after starting our program

Transform your sales and skyrocket revenue with our Sales Coach and Fractional VP Sales services. Contact us today to level up your sales game!