Now that’s a born-into-the-bones sales person!

There is a sales person on one of the teams I am working with right now who really “gets” the sales profession. Focus-2014-Oct15Why, you ask? Well, my new friend Jigar Patel at SupremeX, understands the importance of the numbers. Here’s what he said to me:

LK: So Jigar tell me why you were so successful at exceeding your sales goal in 2015?

JP: I learned to follow the numbers, or metrics – that is, those indicators that will ensure I am successful?

LK: What do you mean by that?

JP: I always know where my sales are year-to-date – that’s something I’ve done since I started my sales career just over a year ago. Then, from you Linda, I learned to track all of the opportunities I am working on in a pipeline document so I get a handle on what has the potential to close in the coming months. I always need to make sure I have enough deals on the go that will close to ensure I hit my quarterly goal.

LK: So do you mean that you always know your sales year-to-date?

JP: At all times … I look at the numbers every day!

LK: What else do you recommend for sales people?

JP: Well another thing I did was an analysis of my new business sales for 2015:
• which quarter I landed the business in,
• what industries the companies are in,
• where I got those prospects in the first place (referrals, LinkedIn, outbound calls, etc.),
• how much business I gained from each, and finally
• what else I could sell them this coming year

LK: What did you learn?

JP: I learned about the seasonality in our business – each quarter swings dramatically. And then I decided what activities I need to focus on in each quarter to: a) best serve our customers’ needs, and b) to best use my time to maximize my sales – both growth with existing customers and growth from new companies. So I have a quarter-by-quarter activity plan.

LK: It sounds like you have a solid plan for success in 2016! Thanks Jigar, and see you the next time our team meets.