FREE tool to help you get your sales back on track

sales plannig

If you’re not hitting your year-to-date sales goals then you need this free sales tool! It’s not that difficult really – you just need a solid plan and then someone to hold you accountable to that plan so you actually get it done. Your “accountability partner” should also be someone who can help you tweak the plan if it’s not working as you thought.

I have a client who is an entrepreneur, working all on his own. He is a high achiever, very ambitious and a self-starter. But since he works alone he needs someone to help him to ensure he accomplishes the necessary tasks that will lead to his success. So I do that for him.

Because of his creative nature, he can be distracted quickly by the next “shiny thing.” After all, that’s why he went out on his own; he wanted to do things his own way. But often the necessary evils of sales, like prospecting and follow up, can be left off the activity list because he’s busy creating new ideas, new strategies, and ways to stand out from the crowd. These are important tasks, but don’t have an immediate impact on your sales growth.

So find a trusted friend, colleague (or even your spouse – tread carefully with this one!!) and tell them you need them to make sure you hit your sales targets – both your results goals, but more importantly, the activity targets you must achieve to hit your sales goals.

Good luck and good selling! And if you need our help just email or phone 416-520-4897.