How’s this for a LinkedIn Summary?

A business associate of mine wrote this very compelling LinkedIn job description outlining his achievements (company names have been changed):

I have been privileged many times in my career, but none could match the responsibility bestowed LinkedIn_logo_initialsupon me in leading the resurrection of ABC Company brand under the careful watch of the Parent Company organization. While the world of our industry was crumbling around us in 2009 and 2010, a dedicated band of employees under my leadership wasted no time in putting the pieces back together. It started with 16 individuals motivated by bankruptcy and foolish enough not to take no for an answer. By the end of year one, we were 50 people strong and growing. By the end of year two we had 80 employees in total and revenue increases to match. The build process was methodical and executed without a hitch. In year 3 the team integrated the XYZ site into ABC Company with one simple goal in mind: we will not lose 1 dollar in revenue during this transition. And again we were successful.

It has been a wonderful journey to date and I can confidently say that my team is the best in the city. My personal journey has been rewarding and very fulfilling and I look forward to new challenges ahead. What a wonderful organization that I am privileged to lead and I am grateful to be a part of the Parent Company group.

Now, doesn’t that really grab your attention? I want to meet this guy!