This Made a Huge Difference to My Sales Success

I’m Part of Your Team

trusted_partner-resized-600Since I am in a business that requires a careful implementation and ongoing service, it is critically important that my clients view me as a trusted source of valuable information.


Unlike my last blog, Cold Calling is Dead uploaded onto my LinkedIn site, this topic is much harder to dispute: becoming your customer’s trusted partner. With “Cold Calling is Dead” I created a lot of controversy and buzz around the topic as evidenced by the many comments!). It was fun to engage on social media in a healthy debate about the art and craft of selling. There are many schools of thought and I believe all are valid depending on the many variables in selling. It’s whatever works for you, the individual sales person, and the industry you are in.

Here’s What I Mean by Trusted Partner

Let me define very carefully for you what I mean by becoming your customer’s trusted partner by telling you a quick story. Every time I sign a new client I tell them this:

“I’d like you to think of me as a member of your team, as though I work in the office down the hall. I am a sales expert that helps you and your people to do their job more effectively and efficiency so lean on me for expertise in this area. You carry on with your day-to-day responsibilities (some of which will overlap with mine) and call on me whenever you need me. If you would walk down the hall to my office to ask a quick question, if I actually DID work in your building, then I want you to do that via phone or email with me. I will respond to you as quickly as I can.”

What This Means to Clients

This statement seems to give my clients a sense of relief – that I’m not there for a quick sale but am going to be there for them in the long run. It shows them that I really care about them, their success and my role in it.

Even if you are in a transactional business whereby you make a sale and then move on to the next prospect, you can still apply this idea, however it will be limited to the life of the project or until delivery is complete and the customer satisfied. And even then there may be product or service problems after the sale so you still need to be their source for a speedy resolution to those problems.

Good luck and good selling!