I Don’t Have Time for This

Time is a precious commodity in sales because it really is true what they say that “time is money.” How we spend our time will directly determine our success in achieving our sales target. When I coach sales teams to become more productive, I don’t try to push them to get more done. I only work with high achievers, those that invest in themselves to become better, and they don’t need to get more done – they are already working too many hours. I work with them to help them prioritize their activities so that they get the right things done in the right order.

I describe the goal of being most productive as this:

When you reach the end of your day you are satisfied with what you accomplished.
You will have a sense of peace that the right activities were done in the right order.

Here are the steps to achieving this goal:

  1. Track your time for 3 – 5 days so you know what you are doing now
  2. Look at this sheet of activities and decide which ones provide you with the greatest return on the time you invest, that is, those that are the most profitable (I’m guessing a good amount of new business development, aka prospecting, should be on this list!)
  3. Then pull out a weekly calendar (I have created a Time Blocking Schedule with Sample Tab for this purpose) and block your time as follows: prospecting, existing clients, paperwork/admin, and planning. This becomes your ideal week.

Time Block Sched

4.  Now that you know what you’d like to accomplish in an ideal week, you then plan for an actual week. I do this on Sundays when emails and phone calls can’t distract me (“squirrel”). I actually block off time to do my prospecting, plan my sales calls and networking on those days that I’ve scheduled to be out of the office, etc. It’s never quite like the ideal week, but it should resemble it. And each morning I plan that day. Did you know…

Research shows that for every 1 minute you spend in planning,
you will gain 10 in execution

Good luck and if you need any help just call us at 416-520-4897 or email linda@lindakernassociates.com.