Don’t Make this Common Sales Mistake

Years ago I became distracted and sidetracked in my sales role. I could make an excuse for this (personal issues, too busy, and the list, I’m sure, would go on) but it doesn’t really matter. What matters is I made this critical mistake. I took my eye off my sales funnel and wasn’t constantly measuring my success week-to-week – that is to say, I wasn’t watching the critical metrics I need to hit. So are you wondering what happened? Well I didn’t attain my sales goal for that quarter and I was devastated. When I realized my mistake I quickly made the necessary changes to my system and now NEVER take my eye off the ball, so to speak.

Some key metrics that I use to measure my success are:

sales funnel

  • YTD Sales – this sounds obvious, but most of the sales people that I start out working with don’t know this number at any given moment, and you must
  • Funnel Value – the total value of all the opportunities or deals you are working on – and this number needs to be much larger than your sales goal (this is called your sales ratio – more on this in a subsequent blog)
  • Sales Meetings/Week – you must have a target for the number of meetings you’d like to have each week with prospects and customers, and then of course track it
  • Touchpoints – this is some sort of message that a prospect receives from you; that is, a voicemail, an email, a LinkedIn connection request, a note card in the mail, etc. – and of course this number needs to be much larger than the number of meetings you would like to have
  • Networking Meetings – have a goal for this on a weekly basis and ensure you achieve it

I am happy to say that I got my sales results back on track and turned my mistake into a great learning experience for not only me, but my clients as well.

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