It’s All in Your Mind!

One of my long-term clients hired a sales person last year who was not able to book enoughMindset appointments to be successful in reaching her sales goal. When I asked my client, “What happened?” She replied, “She says she doesn’t want to be a bother to the companies she is trying to get in to see so she doesn’t ‘push it’ to get the appointment.” That’s it! That’s the reason she was not successful, it was simple: this sales person believed she was a bother and so therefore was probably perceived by her prospect as, you guessed it, a bother!

The concept of having the right mindset is critical to sales success. Do you see yourself as a bother to people or do you really believe and know that you can truly help their company to greater success by meeting with them to learn more about their goals and challenges? Henry Ford said it best:

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right!

I cannot emphasize this point enough:  See yourself as a success, know that you are helping companies, really feel right in your bones that when they meet you, you bring good value to them. Focus on the right metrics (# of meetings, # of sales, # of prospects in the funnel) that will bring you your success.

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Good luck and good selling!