This should be your sales call objective – Part 5 of 5

Get a Next Step

One of the most important objectives of every sales call is to book a next step with your prospect, if the two of you determine that you’d like to continue the discussion to potentially work together. A next step is defined as another meeting or other action to help you move the sale forward. You should connect this to the sales call objective you set out in your pre-call preparation.

So as your sales call is coming to a close, you need to reflect on what the potential next step(s) could be. Does it make sense to suggest a meeting with your contact and any other people who may be involved in the project? Do you need to gather samples or specs from the prospect? Perhaps it’s a tour of their facility, or of your facility. There are many options from which you can choose to suggest that next step – it will depend on the type of sales process you follow (see below).

When you are determining that all-important next step, you need to ask for a meeting or phone call and then make sure that this in both of your calendars. It’s not a next step when the prospect says, “Call me next week.” If he/she does say that, you should say, “When is a good time for me to call you? Do you have your calendar there? How is next Tuesday morning? Is 9:00am okay?” Get the meeting and send a meeting notice so that it appears in both calendars.

Sales Process

If you haven’t laid out a sales process that informs you of the steps you need to take to work through a sale, you need to develop this. It can look something like this:

  1. Develop lead list
  2. Determine your approach strategy to get a first meeting
  3. Conduct the first meeting
  4. Conduct follow up meeting(s) -You will need to determine what these steps should be (further discovery, demo, meet other decision makers, etc.)
  5. Present proposal in person
  6. Close business
  7. Implementation solution

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