Set yourself up for a successful week

As summer approaches many of us begin to worry about the impending slowdown that we may experience in our businesses. I’ve got a few tips to keep you on track:

1.    On Monday morning write down three goals that you would like to accomplish in the coming week. These are measurable outcomes that you would feel good about completing. They are not tasks or to do’s, but actual “end-game” results. Let me give you a few examples that may inspire you.

By the end of the day on Friday I will have:

1.    Assembled a call-ready list of 10 new prospects (identified/researched)

2.    Received 2 referrals from my connections

3.    Secured 3 new business meetings with prospects

4.    Booked a next step meeting with ABC Company at our Tuesday meeting

5.    Closed business with Acme Inc.

6.    Completed the capabilities presentation

Notice that each of these outcomes impact different stages of your funnel and which should represent your sales process.

2.    When Friday arrives, measure your success against these pre-determined goals (again, I recommend only three). I always say to my clients: it’s not about beating yourself up for something you didn’t do, it’s about holding yourself accountable, learning from it, and then carrying forward with new learning about what’s possible for you in the coming week.

Most weeks I ask the sales leaders I work with to first write their own three top goals, and then ask their sales people to commit to doing the same thing. It helps to keep the team focussed on the right things throughout the week and not become distracted with “squirrels” and “shiny things” that cross their path!

I’ve developed a very simple sheet you can use to put this process into motion. Reach out if you would like a copy at or 416-520-4897.

Also use the summertime to accomplish tasks that you’ve been putting off, such as updating your marketing materials or presentation decks. Also think about posting your expertise on LinkedIn as a way to stay top of mind with your connections. As always, let us know how it’s going and if you need any help. We’re here….it’s summer….we have extra time right now!

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