You’re a sales professional! You can beat the summer heat!

Summer’s a sloooow time.Summer blog (Mobile)

But you’re a salesperson.

What to do?

Change your head. Re-evaluate the cycle. Think like a farmer!

It’s true, summer is slow in my training biz. It’s hard to bring sales teams together during the vacation season.

But it can also mean that my clients’ businesses are slow. They don’t have as much on the go. They’re not all wired up. Doing twelve things at once. Tense and distracted.

Which means they have time to meet. To chill and ponder. To refer me to their valuable connections.

Think like a farmer! Be active in every season. And know that each season has different activities, and different opportunities.

A summer success story

Last week I met with one of my clients for a catch-up cup of coffee. In his usual fashion, he asked me about my business – if I knew this person or that. I scrambled to get their names down.

Then I took a deep summer breath. And asked him to send them an introductory email on my behalf.

He did that the next day.

What’s the learning?

Continue to set meetings with both prospects and clients to grow your business! Even though your mindset and summer sweat may be telling you they won’t have time to meet you, that it’s a lazy time … change that thinking! It does NOT serve you well.

Ask for referrals, sow the seeds, think long-term

Don’t just gather names of potential referrals; ask for an email introduction. Here’s what I do:

  1. Ask for a referral to:
  • the type of company you work with best
  • the decision-maker title that you need (President, VP Operations, CFO, etc.)
  1. Ask a bit more about this person! Get some background info for your first sales call.
  2. Then send an intro email to your referral source about the results you’ve achieved for your clients, an email that they will be able to send on with minimum changes (always make it easy!):
  • End with “I will leave it up to [YourName] to connect with you as a next step.”
  • Make sure your referral source copies you in their email to the referral.
  1. Wait 24 hours (okay, 25, it is summertime). Then email the new connection requesting a meeting, giving them 3 time choices to choose from.


Moral of this (summer) story?

Don’t let the dog days of summer mean your sales will be a dog! Re-think what summer can do for you – how the heat and summer slowdown can help you build relationships, and how you can use that to build your business every year.

Get on out there – it’s summertime!

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