Sauga 960 Series – Sales 101! Part 2

In our continuing Sauga 960 radio interview series, we examine the world of sales and how to get set up for success. Sales 101! Part 2 Your Business, presented by David Wojcik, understands business. As the CEO/President of the Mississauga Board … Read More

What is the principal role of a sales leader?

In leading a sales team, your overriding goal is to enable the success of your sales people. And success for each of them will be different. So always be thinking of ways you can help them thrive – that is, … Read More

The best way to help your prospect – Part 2 of 5

In our last article, we discussed the importance of a strong opening to a professional sales call. Now we will talk about what comes next: the discovery or investigative part of the meeting. I call first meetings “high impact conversations” … Read More

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