Now that’s a born-into-the-bones sales person!

There is a sales person on one of the teams I am working with right now who really “gets” the sales profession. Why, you ask? Well, my new friend Jigar Patel at SupremeX, understands the importance of the numbers. Here’s what … Read More

Value selling? I’m not a fan!

Last Monday I came across an article on value selling from an expert (who shall remain unnamed). Of course I was intrigued. This is my sweet spot! This is where I live. The article emphasized the value that you as the seller can … Read More

You’ve made the sale…now what?

Once you’ve made a sale how do you ensure that the implementation goes well? That the goods are delivered on time and in good condition? Or that the service was delivered as the customer expected? I spent some time with … Read More

This Made a Huge Difference to My Sales Success

I’m Part of Your Team Since I am in a business that requires a careful implementation and ongoing service, it is critically important that my clients view me as a trusted source of valuable information.   Unlike my last blog, … Read More

10 Ways to Capture Your Prospect’s Attention

What do salespeople need to do in today’s tough business environment to catch the attention of decision makers? We recently uncovered some compelling data in a series of conversations we had with decision makers representing several industries, including: insurance services, … Read More

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