Don’t waste time on the wrong prospects

Time is more valuable today than it was in the past. Technology has made people demand more from us, more quickly. So we need to spend our time wisely. As sales people, one of the most effective ways to do … Read More

The easiest way to get a first meeting

The toughest part of selling for most people is getting the new business you need to hit your sales goal. But how do you get a meeting with a new prospect? Should you cold call, send an email, leave a … Read More

ONE thing you can do now for sales success

There are a number of things you can do to be a successful sales person, but here is one of the most important: set a realistic, yet challenging, sales goal! You know this, right?! But did you also know that … Read More

Scrub that pipeline to get rid of BAD deals

Are you letting opportunities spin around in your pipeline that are going nowhere? Are they stalled, dormant, or otherwise disinterested in working with you? I mean, honestly! Don’t fool yourself into thinking they will close if you haven’t qualified them … Read More

Now that’s a born-into-the-bones sales person!

There is a sales person on one of the teams I am working with right now who really “gets” the sales profession. Why, you ask? Well, my new friend Jigar Patel at SupremeX, understands the importance of the numbers. Here’s what … Read More

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