Summer’s Here…How to Beat the Sales Slow Down

Summer is a slow time for many companies. Is that the case in your business? If it is, then read on. Here are some tips to help you beat the summer sales slow down.

It’s a Mind Game

Although business may be slow with vacations and short Fridays, it can also mean that your prospects businesses are slow too. Fight the mindset that may creep in causing you to think that people won’t have time to meet you because it’s summer and they’re busy or unavailable – this thinking doesn’t serve you well, so lose it!

Summer time can actually mean that people may have more time to meet with you. So keep prospecting, networking, connecting on LinkedIn, and sending out handwritten notes (a great way to stand out and catch people’s attention). People are in a good mood when the weather is warm! Tell yourself, “It’s a great time to meet people!” And don’t forget your existing clients too: look for ways to grow your share of wallet with them.

Ask for Referrals

Make this a weekly habit. Here are steps you can follow:

1. Make a list of all your connections (clients, former clients, colleagues, people in your network, other influencers you know) that you can ask for a referral

2. Then be specific when you ask:

  • the type of company you work with best, and the decision maker title that you need to meet to be successful (President, VP Operations, CFO, etc.)

3. Ask a little bit about this person so that you have some background information that may be useful in your first sales call

4. Send an introductory email to your referral source that explains the results you’ve been able to achieve for your clients and end with “I will leave it up to Susan to connect with you as a next step.” Make sure your referral source copies you in this email to the person you are being introduced to

5. Wait 24 hours then send an email to the new connection requesting a meeting, giving 3
date/time frames from which to choose

Turn the summer of 2017 into your best one yet: get out there and build your sales success! Need help staying motivated to keep going in the summer heat? Call 416-520-4897 or email and we’ll light a fire under you and make it an even hotter summer!


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