What’s your prospecting plan?

Do you have a pre-determined prospecting plan that you follow to drive new business? If not, you will know that these sales don’t come in on their own. Your company might have a robust marketing engine that drives leads to you, but in my experience, that is the exception, not the norm. It’s up to sales people to get out there and find new business.

New business comes from four sources: new companies, existing clients, former clients, and referral sources.

Let’s focus on new companies, since that can be the most difficult. Here is what I recommend:

  1. Set a separate goal just for new business and break that goal down by quarter
  2. Decide what type of prospecting activity (touchpoints) you will commit to: drop-ins, emails, phone calls/voicemails, LinkedIn/Facebook, a mailer, hand-written notes, networking, ask for referrals, trade shows, etc.
  3. Figure out how much time each day/week will you commit to this activity and how you will balance your existing clients
  4. Determine the number of touchpoints (attempts to get a meeting that the prospect receives) you will do each day or week
  5. Commit to managing interruptions – don’t let email or phone calls interrupt your prospecting time – find a quiet space to make these calls, send your notes, and have these important conversations
  6. Start asking for referrals – make a list of people that can introduce you to other business people with whom you need to meet – LinkedIn is a great resource here
  7. Speaking of LinkedIn, spruce up your profile so you highlight the results your clients get from working with you, not just what you do – as you ramp up your prospecting efforts, people will be looking at your profile
  8. If you don’t have a pipeline to track the new opportunities you will uncover, GET ONE – you need to know how you’re doing and if your efforts are paying off

If you struggle managing your time, let me know, I have some great tools that will help you get organized and stay on track. I’m happy to provide them to you free of charge.

Stay tuned for the next newsletter and I will outline how to catch the attention of a prospect in a way that dramatically increases your chance of getting a meeting…riveting stuff!! In the meantime if you need any help please call or email us. 416-520-4897, Linda@TheKernGroupInc.com.

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