Sales is a Follow Up Sport

Sales growth is now, more than ever, a profession of disciplined and focused follow up. If you want to increase your sales by developing new business (and I wanna meet the person who doesn’t!) then you need to master the skillful … Read More

How’s this for a LinkedIn Summary?

A business associate of mine wrote this very compelling LinkedIn job description outlining his achievements (company names have been changed): I have been privileged many times in my career, but none could match the responsibility bestowed upon me in leading … Read More

Send an Email that Gets a Meeting

Do you want to write an email that gets the attention of a prospect? You need to know this: when you send an email to a prospect focus on the impact your solution (product or service) has on companies, not … Read More

I Don’t Have Time for This

Time is a precious commodity in sales because it really is true what they say that “time is money.” How we spend our time will directly determine our success in achieving our sales target. When I coach sales teams to … Read More

Don’t Make this Common Sales Mistake

Years ago I became distracted and sidetracked in my sales role. I could make an excuse for this (personal issues, too busy, and the list, I’m sure, would go on) but it doesn’t really matter. What matters is I made this … Read More

It’s All in Your Mind!

One of my long-term clients hired a sales person last year who was not able to book enough appointments to be successful in reaching her sales goal. When I asked my client, “What happened?” She replied, “She says she doesn’t … Read More

Sales is Easy if You do This!

The toughest part of selling for most people is getting the new business you need to hit your sales goal. Cold calling, emailing, voicemails, LinkedIn requests, notecards/letters (does anyone send these out anymore?), networking, trade shows, etc. There are many … Read More

Your Network is Your Networth

I love this phrase from Porter Gale in her book of the same title. Networking is an essential sales tool. Here are the best tips to keep in mind as you’re out there meeting new people who may be able … Read More

Part 2: Get Ready for your 2015 Sales Year Now!

Have you begun your 2015 sales planning yet? You should have! It’s important that you think about your plan for success early so that you are ready to hit the ground running when the calendar turns over to another year. In … Read More

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